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Diverse Expertise in Heavy Construction, Environmental Management, Oilfield Services, and Coal Resources

Proudly based in Dickinson, North Dakota, serving clients across the Upper Midwest region

Located in the heart of Dickinson, North Dakota, Baranko Companies proudly offers a wide range of expertise, serving a diverse clientele across the Upper Midwest. Our family of companies – Baranko Brothers, Inc., Baranko Environmental, LLC, Baranko Services, LLC, and Center Coal Company – each contribute a unique strand of proficiency in their respective fields. Together, we form a robust framework of heavy construction, environmental management, oilfield services, and coal resource expertise.

In this union of strengths, we find our common purpose: to deliver not just services, but comprehensive solutions that embody excellence, foster innovation, and reflect our commitment. At Baranko, we are driven by a singular vision to exceed expectations in every project, ensuring quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction are not just goals, but the foundations of our work.

As we continue to grow and serve communities beyond North Dakota, every project becomes a clear demonstration of our collective skill and dedication.

With Baranko Companies, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re partnering with a group that is committed to advancing the industries we serve, all while upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Our Family of Companies

Shaping North Dakota's Future

Baranko Brothers, Inc., a key member of the Baranko Companies, is heavily involved in Heavy Highway and Civil Construction throughout Western North Dakota. Our specialization extends beyond mere construction; we are the architects of vital arteries for commerce and community. Highways, roadways, and essential civil infrastructure – these are our canvas, where we craft pathways that are crucial for growth and connectivity.

At Baranko Brothers, Inc., every project is more than a task; it’s a step towards creating a more connected, resilient Western North Dakota. We take pride in our role in shaping the infrastructure that drives the region forward, conscious of the impact our work has on the communities we serve. Our dedication to building lasting, quality roads and structures is a testament to our commitment to the people and the land of Western North Dakota.

Protecting North Dakota's Natural Legacy

In the dynamic and environmentally conscious realm of Baranko Companies, Baranko Environmental, LLC stands as a guardian of North Dakota’s natural beauty. Specializing in environmental protection within the vibrant oil field sector, our company is at the forefront of addressing and mitigating environmental challenges. We are not just responders to oil spills and environmental emergencies; we are custodians of the land, dedicated to preserving the integrity of our state’s diverse ecosystems.

Join Baranko Environmental in our endeavor to harmonize industrial development with ecological mindfulness. We are dedicated to maintaining North Dakota’s pristine environment, ensuring that its beauty and diversity endure for future generations. Our work is more than a service; it is a pledge to the ongoing health and protection of the landscapes that define our state.

The Bakken's Choice For Swabbing

Baranko Services, a key player in the Bakken oil and gas sector, proudly belongs to the Baranko Companies family. Since our establishment in 2016, we’ve rapidly carved out a reputation as leaders in specialized swabbing services, a niche yet crucial aspect of the industry. Our distinction lies not just in the services we offer, but in the people who deliver them. Our team is not only highly skilled, but they also have a deep and intuitive understanding of the detailed work involved in swabbing. This allows them to consistently raise the bar for quality and efficiency in our operations.

Choose Baranko Services for a swabbing experience that redefines excellence in the Bakken. Our dedication to quality and expert execution makes us not just a provider but an essential ally in the challenging and ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry.

Keeping North Dakota Warm and Energized

As a key element of Baranko Companies, Center Coal Company prides itself on being a premier supplier of North Dakota’s finest lignite coal, available in both lump and stoker forms. Extracted from the abundant and rich fields of North Dakota, our lignite coal stands out for its superior quality and notable energy efficiency.

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, whether they require small quantities for local applications or larger volumes for industrial energy needs, Center Coal is dedicated to offering reliable and cost-efficient solutions.

In choosing Center Coal, you’re selecting more than a coal supplier; you’re partnering with a company that is deeply invested in meeting your specific energy needs with high-grade lignite coal, characterized by its efficiency and quality. We stand as a testament to Baranko Companies’ commitment to providing essential resources that power industries and communities.

Core Values and Culture


Relationships are the foundation of our success.


We act with dignity, courtesy, and professionalism.


We are dedicated to our employees, customers, and community.


We collaborate to achieve excellence.


If there is a better way to do it, we will find it.

Build Your Career

with Baranko Companies

Embark on a Journey of Professional Growth

Embarking on a career at Baranko Companies is more than just fulfilling job expectations; it’s about joining a team that’s on a mission to make a difference. We are on the lookout for individuals who are not just seeking a job, but an adventure – people ready to embrace challenges that matter, keen on learning and growing every day, and eager to take on significant roles right from the start.

At Baranko Companies, we don’t believe in the status quo. We’re about pushing the limits, stepping out of the ordinary, and creating extraordinary career paths. Our environment is one where your career is not just a progression but a journey of continuous growth, exploration, and impactful contributions.

This is more than a workplace; it’s a place where your aspirations find wings, where your work makes a tangible impact. If you’re searching for a career that’s not just meaningful but also inspiring and dynamic, Baranko Companies is where your search ends. Be a part of our mission, join our journey, and discover the endless possibilities that a career here can offer.

Competitive Salary

Salaries that are not only competitive across various sectors but also responsive to individual performance.

Generous Benefits

A matching 401k after meeting eligibility. Health, dental, and vision plans.

Progressive PTO

Paid time off your first year that scales upwards in consecutive years.

A Dedication to safety

Protecting Each Other, Advancing together

At Baranko Companies, safety isn’t just a policy; it’s a key part of who we are. We believe that a safe workplace is essential for our success. But it’s more than just following rules—it’s about building a work environment where everyone feels safe and looked after.

Our commitment to safety shows in everything we do, every day. It’s not just words on a page; it’s actions that make our workplace safer for everyone. We work hard to make sure that safety is a real, noticeable part of how we do things at Baranko Companies.

Dive into a world of solutions with Baranko Companies.

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