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The Baranko Companies Food Truck Story – More than just meals on wheels.

We want to share a story that’s a little bit different. It’s about how a simple idea – a food truck – became a game-changer for a company and its community. This isn’t just another corporate tale; it’s the story of Baranko Companies and how their food truck brought people together in a unique and heartwarming way.

 🍔 The truck’s design was entirely Glenn’s development, no one else knew what the truck would look like.

The beginning of a tasty journey

Back in 2019, something special started brewing at Baranko Companies, all thanks to Glenn Baranko’s vision. Glenn, looking to spice up the work life and add a pinch of joy, introduced a food truck into the mix. But this was no ordinary food truck. It was the start of something bigger, something that went beyond just serving food. Over the winter of 2019, he fitted the truck with all the necessary grills, equipment, and even gave it a cool, eye-catching wrap. By spring of 2020, the food truck was fully equipped and ready for its first adventure, making its debut at a job site.

🍟 Glenn, along with two employees from the Brown County Landfill near Aberdeen, SD.

More Than Just Lunch Breaks

Glenn saw how hard his team worked, often in remote locations, and wanted to do more than just pat them on the back. He decided to take the food truck himself to these sites during the warmer months. Picture this: you’re working hard, and then, surprise! The big boss shows up not just to say ‘good job’ but to serve you a delicious meal. That’s exactly what Glenn did, turning meal times into moments of real connection and appreciation.

🥤 Serving the crew lunch on our Highway 1804 project!

Celebrating Success with Every Bite

But Glenn’s vision for the food truck extended even further. After the successful completion of a project, the food truck transforms into a celebration hub. Glenn will cook for the project owners, project engineers, commisioners, the crew, and anyone involved as a way to celebrate their joint success and thank them for their partnership and hard work. It is a way for everyone involved to reflect on their achievements and look forward to future endeavors together.

🌮 Cooking for everyone at the Milton R. Young Power Plant near Center, ND after a very successful project!

A ripple Effect in the communty

But wait, the story gets even better. The food truck didn’t just make rounds at the job sites. It rolled into the heart of the community, showing up at local events like “Touch a Truck,” “Trunk or Treat,” and “Bakken BBQ.” This truck wasn’t just dishing out food; it was serving smiles, community spirit, and a sense of togetherness.

🌭 We dished out 1,100 hotdogs for Dickinson’s 2023 Halloween Trunk or Treat!

More than a vision

The Baranko food truck became a symbol of something deeper than just a vision. It reflected Glenn’s commitment to his people and the community. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact – feeding not just the body, but also the soul.

So, next time you see a food truck, remember the story of Baranko Companies. It’s a story about food, sure, but it’s also about caring, community, and the power of sharing a meal.

🍕Events become even more special as the employees’ kids join in and have fun helping with the food truck —>

Stay safe with us

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