Safety at Baranko Companies

Our Commitment

At Baranko Companies, safety is more than a policy – it is embedded in our identity. We firmly believe that a safe workplace is not just a requirement but the cornerstone of our success. This belief goes beyond merely adhering to rules; it involves cultivating a culture where every individual feels secure and cared for. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated daily, transforming it into a tangible, dynamic aspect of our work environment.

Our safety approach prioritizes practicality and relevance. We ensure our training is directly applicable to real-world scenarios, equipping our team with the skills and knowledge to handle on-the-job situations effectively. Our safety guidelines are straightforward and concise, facilitating easier comprehension and implementation. We’re always on the hunt for the latest advancements in safety – not for the sake of novelty, but for the genuine difference it can make.

Listening is a critical component of our safety culture. We pay close attention to any concerns or suggestions about hazards and safety improvements. This openness to feedback ensures that every team member feels heard and valued, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone contributes to safety. By embracing this inclusive approach, Baranko Companies doesn’t just adhere to existing safety standards; we strive to innovate and elevate them, setting new benchmarks in workplace safety.

Comprehensive Safety Training


MSHA Training:

Our team undergoes an intensive 24-hour training as per the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) guidelines. This is followed by a mandatory 8-hour refresher course every year. This ensures our team’s proficiency in the latest safety protocols and best practices in the mining industry.


Annual Safety Workshops:

Each year, our team undergoes training in OSHA and MSHA standards, H2S awareness, First Aid, CPR, AED Operation, Respiratory Fit Testing, and Hearing Conservation. Alongside these, we also explore company benefits and engage in other team-building exercises.


OSHA 10 Certification:

Our team completes the 10-hour OSHA Construction Course. A training program provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, designed to educate workers on workplace safety, health regulations, and hazard recognition in their respective industries.


Safety Plan:

Since January 1, 2003, our safety plan has been endorsed by the National Compliance Management Service Inc. (NCMS), a notable auditor for ECCS. Committed to continuous improvement, we annually audit and update our safety policy and procedures, maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.


Proactive Safety Briefings:

We consistently host on-the-job safety meetings and talks, dedicated to addressing and mitigating any site-specific hazards. These regular sessions ensure continuous awareness and proactive management of safety concerns, keeping our team informed and protected in real-time.



Furthermore, we ensure our staff undergoes specific orientation and hazard training tailored for notable clients. This customized approach guarantees that our team is fully prepared and knowledgeable about the unique requirements and safety protocols of each client, fostering a safer and more efficient work environment.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Every employee at Baranko Companies is required to pass a mandatory drug and alcohol test before joining our team. This initial screening is just the beginning of our comprehensive approach to substance abuse prevention. Regular testing, including annual checks, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion assessments, and random intervals, forms a key part of our strategy. We adhere to a stringent substance abuse policy through a consortium, ensuring compliance with both Non-DOT and DOT standards for drugs and alcohol testing.

In addition to these measures, Baranko Companies is deeply committed to ongoing education and support initiatives focused on substance abuse awareness and prevention. We recognize that testing is only a fraction of a holistic strategy. Therefore, we foster an environment that promotes open dialogue and provides support around substance use issues. This proactive approach is instrumental in early identification and intervention, which is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Our substance abuse policy is grounded in a philosophy that extends beyond mere regulatory compliance. It is about genuinely caring for the well-being of our employees. By integrating regular testing with continuous education and supportive measures, we empower our team members to make informed and responsible choices. This initiative not only contributes to individual health but also cultivates a more aware, supportive, and safe work environment. At Baranko Companies, we believe that a well-informed and cared-for workforce is the cornerstone of a truly safe and productive workplace.


Safety Suggestion Dropbox

If you see something, say something. Your input is valued as we continually strive towards safety across our job sites.


Near Miss Report

We encourage the reporting of any near miss incident for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

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