Stoker vs Lump Coal

Stoker Coal

Size: Stoker coal is sized, usually ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches, and it is more uniform in dimension.

Application: Primarily used in automatic or mechanically fed stokers found in boilers and furnaces. These devices provide a controlled and steady flow of coal for combustion, making stoker coal ideal for heating homes and in commercial heating applications. The consistency in size facilitates even burning.

Efficiency: It burns efficiently with steadiness due to its size, producing a constant heat output. This quality makes it popular for heating systems that require a stable and reliable source of heat.

Lump Coal

Size: Lump coal is larger, often being 2 inches and above in size. The size can vary significantly, leading to less uniformity in the pieces.

Application: It is typically used in open fires or stoves with a deep bed where the varying sizes won’t impact the effectiveness of the fire. Lump coal is also utilized in industrial applications where a larger piece of coal is needed.

Efficiency: While it can produce high heat, the heat output can be less consistent due to the varying sizes of the coal pieces. The irregularity in size can lead to uneven burning, with some pieces burning hotter and faster than others.

Comparison Summary



Stoker coal is more uniform in size compared to lump coal.



Stoker coal is used in automatic or mechanically fed stokers, while lump coal is used in open fires, stoves, and certain industrial applications.


Heat Output

Stoker coal provides steady and reliable heat, whereas lump coal might offer variable heat output due to its size inconsistency.

Choosing between stoker and lump coal depends on the specific requirements of the heating system or application in use. For a consistent and manageable heat source, stoker coal is usually preferred; for applications where the size of the coal isn’t critical and high heat is needed, lump coal may be more appropriate.

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