TENORM Decontamination

Baranko Environmental proudly owns and operates three state-of-the-art TENORM decontamination facilities in North Dakota. Each of these facilities is designed to handle the decontamination of a variety of equipment, including flow/frac trees, valves, tubing, and sucker rods, utilizing our patented process.

Patented Decontamination Excellence

Our patented process ensures efficient, comprehensive, and compliant decontamination, promoting environmental sustainability. We take pride in our commitment to environmentally responsible practices, and our patented technology reflects our dedication to minimizing environmental impact while delivering exceptional results.

Here are the key services and features we offer:

TENORM Decontamination Facilities

Our three specialized facilities – Wet Decontamination, Dry Decontamination, and Sucker Rod Decontamination – located north of Dickinson, North Dakota, are dedicated to addressing diverse TENORM decontamination needs. They play a significant role in minimizing environmental impact by keeping waste out of landfills and recycling usable materials back into service, thus promoting sustainability and resource efficiency.

TENORM Impacted Material Surveying

Precision in identifying and assessing TENORM-impacted materials is crucial for both effective remediation and appropriate waste disposal. By conducting comprehensive and detailed surveys, we ensure highly accurate evaluations. This approach informs our waste handling and decontamination processes, allowing us to proceed with a focus on optimal safety and efficiency.

TENORM Cleanout and Proper Disposal

With a deep understanding of safety and environmental standards, we proficiently handle and dispose of TENORM-contaminated materials, providing a sanitized, secure tank environment.

Treater Cleaning for TENORM and Sludge

Specialized in cleaning treaters affected by TENORM and sludge, we employ advanced techniques and equipment for thorough and efficient clean-up.

Storage Containments

During crucial plant turnarounds, our experts provide vital support for inspection teams in confined spaces, delivering professional rescue services to ensure safety and smooth operations.


Adherence to regulatory standards enables the safe disposal of waste streams, actively safeguarding public health and the environment. Our experience in accurately profiling waste is crucial to this process, ensuring the selection of the most appropriate disposal methods.

Site Cleanups

We undertake site cleanups in a variety of environments impacted by TENORM, such as saltwater disposals, frac operations, and production environments, ensuring each area is restored to safe and compliant conditions.

Inventory Tracking

Systematic inventory tracking provides transparency and accountability, ensuring efficient management of materials within our facilities. This detailed approach not only streamlines operations but also enhances the reliability of our inventory processes, reinforcing trust with our clients and partners.

TENORM Transportation

As a licensed TENORM transporter in the state of North Dakota, we offer TENORM transportation throughout all of North Dakota and the upper Midwest. For safe and efficient transit of materials, rely on our specific TENORM transportation services.

Licensed and Committed to Safety

Baranko Environmental holds specific licenses in North Dakota for both the decontamination and transportation of TENORM. Choosing us for your TENORM decontamination needs means partnering with a licensed expert, unwaveringly committed to safety, compliance, and excellence in service. With our patented process, specialized facilities, and comprehensive and licensed services, we effectively and responsibly address your TENORM challenges.

Experience the synergy of proficiency, environmental stewardship, and legal compliance with Baranko Environmental at your service.

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Baranko Environmental has a depth of knowledge and experience in response, protection, collection, and removal of oil, chemical, and saltwater spill incidents.

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